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Manufacturer: KARHU
Style: F809006
Color: Navy-White[/color]





In the mid-sixties, running shoes were scarce and "training" shoes even fewer, hardly existed. The most popular shoes were racing spikes, but no shoes were available to warm up, cool down, or simply put a few extra miles in the legs. Hence the need for athletes, for a shoe with which to carry out their daily workouts, so Karhu developed the model called Trampas.


The Trampas had a number of innovative new features for that period, including arch support and padding in the heel collar to protect the Achilles tendon. Shortly thereafter, the Trampas would become the standard shoe for Finnish Olympic athletes, and a little later, due to its popularity, 20 US colleges followed.

Among these we mention the University of Oregon, BYU and Minnesota, real giants in distance races.


The Trampas were produced in two versions: a sporty one with the iconic M-logo, and a non-logoed version for casual wear, with a leather lining. Karhu, in this period, officially registered his famous M-logo (the only registered trademark used in running shoes at the time) derived from the word "Mestari", which in Finnish means "champion".


You are wondering: where does the name Trampas come from? It's weird and funny at the same time, but according to Karhu's old sales manager, a true story ... In the early 1960s, Karhu employees were huge fans of the Western American television series "The Virginian". One of their favorite characters was a cowboy named Trampas. Coincidentally, the name Trampas also bears similarities to the word "Trampata", which, in Finnish slang, is a way of walking such as marching or trampling. All the pieces of the puzzle then seemed to fit together, and Karhu's team chose this name to baptize their first training product.


Karhu is proud to bring the Trampas back into the collection, defined as "the best training shoe in the world" by one of the greatest distance running coaches of all time, SIR ARTHUR LYDIARD.

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