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Cleaning Solution Refill for the Cure Ultimate Cleaning Kit. 200ml / 7 Oz Improved Cleaning Solution. Washes 90+ Pairs of Sneakers.

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1 x Crep protect 200ml Spray1 x Crep Protect Cure Ultimate Cleaning Solution1 x Premium Hog Hair Brush1 x Microfiber Cloth12 x Wipes

32,79 €

The Ultimate Sneaker Storage Box. Casse impilabili che si adattano alla misura delle calzature US13 con frontale a goccia per un facile accesso quando impilate.

9,84 €

Holds the shape of your sneakers. Reduces creasing. Shapes sneakers to aid with cleaning. Soft velvet coating to avoid any interior damage when inserting.

12,30 €

The Ultimate Midsole Custom Pen The 4MM bullet tip allows pin point precision when restoring tired midsoles or designing your own custom patterns. Only two coats needed.

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Provides convenient and effective cleaning for suede and nubuck footwear. Quick and easy-to-use gentle eraser for effective cleansing and re-buffing of nubuck and suede leathers. Simply work the rubber into the affected area.

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To activate the Crep Protect Pill, twist the capsule open and place it inside of your shoe – it’s that easy! You can leave it in for as long as you feel it’s necessary and when you’re done, twist the capsule closed.

7,38 €

Crep Protect Wipes are double sided – a rough side for tough stains and a soft side for general cleaning. 12 individual wipes come in 1 tin.

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The Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Kit The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit comes with all you need; our own cleaning solution, brush and microfiber cloth.

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The Ultimate Rain and Stain Resistant Barrier

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